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Around the World with a Million Kids: Adventures of an Online Explorer

For five years, anthropologist John Fox traveled the world and explored some of its greatest wonders as part of a pioneering online expedition series called the Quests. Accompanying his team were more than a million young people who joined from classroom computers in more than 120 countries. Over ten expeditions on six continents, kids logged on to set the team s course, solve modern dilemmas and ancient mysteries, and learn about the world far beyond their backyards.

In this collection, the author spins tales of adventure and discovery first written from the inside of tents and the hulls of dugout canoes and delivered by satellite to desktops around the world. Join the journey through remote jungles, deserts and canyons to find out why the great Maya civilization collapsed, whether Marco Polo really went to China, what makes us human, and how ancient mysteries might provide clues to help solve some of today s greatest problems.

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Publisher: Shires Press, 2008

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