If You Liked the Book…

…you’ll love the movie! Now that the book is successfully launched, my focus is shifting some to the film we’re producing based on the book: BOUNCE: How the Ball Taught the World to Play. BOUNCE, which we’re looking to release in 2013, is bound to be a visual feast for the eyes, not to mention a thought-provoking a fun follow up to the themes I brought to the surface in the book. The film’s a collaboration with some great, super talented friends – two of whom I traveled the world with for years producing the Quest interactive expeditions. Jerome Thelia, the Producer/Director, is a feature film colorist and post-supervisor for films by the likes of John Ford, Godard, Soderbergh. David McLain, Producer/Director of Photography, is a National Geo photographer who crafts imagery – still or moving – in ways that make you see familiar things in profoundly different ways. The rest of the crew matches their talents and storytelling creds.

Check out the BOUNCE website where we’ll be posting footage from our travels following the ball around the globe. Here’s a taste, shot by the crew in Rio in shot at 5K with a Red Epic camera. Makes you want to play…

Bounce – Marechal, Brazil from Merge on Vimeo.


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