A Wild Ride

I’m embarrassed to see it’s been a couple of months since posting. How not to do social media. I’ve got a good excuse at least. Since The Ball came out May 15 there’s been a barrage of interest, readings, media appearances, news articles, etc. It’s been really wonderful to see the response. Judging by the response at my various readings or from call-in listeners to several radio programs, it’s a topic that taps into people’s passions. In more than one instance, I’ve heard from some older folks who waxed nostalgic about the informal street games of their youth. I’ve heard from lots of coaches who thanked me for reminding them of the roots and essence of the games they love – games that have often been coopted by commercial interests, corruption, and all-around bad behavior. I learned, strangely, that jugglers feel pretty strongly about their chosen pastime. One juggler called me out on the air on WBUR’s On Point for not focusing on that ancient form of play (I pointed out that I actually did talk about its roots in ancient Egypt! Oh well, can’t please everyone). I had some fun getting roasted in front of a live Wisconsin audience by Michael Feldman on the show, Whaddya Know.

This morning capped two weeks of steady media coverage. A really nice piece aired on CBS Sunday Morning featuring interviews with me and footage of my son Aidan owning me with a three-pointer in our driveway (truth be told, they were merciful with their edits!). Highlight there (and an incredible honor) was the interview they did for the piece with Celtics great Bob Cousy who said he’d “Been to every place imaginable. I’ve been invited to the White house by six sitting presidents, because of my relationship with the ball!”

All because of the ball.

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