“Because It’s Pretty Hard to Catch a Pyramid”

Yes, that was my response to a question posed during my first on-air interview on New Hampshire Public Radio. The question was getting at why the ball and not some other natural form. Off to a wacky start at least. The best part, though, may have been at the end when I quoted Nike, “just do it,” and the interviewer noted that I’ve been “doing it all over the globe.” Whoa, I wish! Anyway, six days and counting until book launch with lots of stuff going on. I’ll be on the wonderful NPR show “On Point” on the 15th. I’ve got an interview scheduled with Marketplace, which should air next week. Pretty exciting.

Also, I got a pretty awesome blurb from a friend and author who’s been ripping up the NY Times bestseller list for weeks – William (Bill to me) Landay. OK, so he’s a friend but he’s also a fanatic sports fan so his endorsement means a lot:

“John Fox is equal parts historian, anthropologist, world traveler, sports nut, and storyteller. The Ball is a fascinating exploration not just of the games we play but why we play them — of what our ballgames tell us about ourselves.”
Thanks Bill!
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