Frank DeFord Kicks It Off!

Yes, another pun. Sorry. Really, full restraint from here on! But I’m just so damn honored that none other than legendary sportswriter extraordinaire and NPR commentator, Frank DeFord, has read the book, loved it, and provided my very first blurb. If you don’t know Frank, his commentaries air every Wednesday on NPR’s Morning Edition and he’s senior correspondent on RealSports with Bryant Gumbel. And he’s got what looks like a great new book coming out the same month as mine titled Over Time: My Life as a Sportswriter.

The blurb reads: “Anyone who has ever thrown, caught, bounced, hit (or whiffed) a ball will mightily enjoy John Fox’s stories of where all these balls came from and why, from our earliest days, they have been such an integral part of the very fun that makes us human.”


I’m particularly honored because Frank’s NPR commentaries, aside from being steeped in decades of sports wisdom, funny as hell, and biting when they need to be take a view of sports that borders on the anthropological. He leaves the post-game analysis to others and focuses on the big picture of how sports are changing, for better or worse. And he doesn’t suck up to anyone but just tells it like it is.

Frank’s wonderful blurb will grace the cover of The Ball and will hopefully be followed by others. Not a bad start.


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