Let’s Get The Ball Rolling

I know, I know. The puns could get out of control with books “bouncing” off shelves, sales “rolling” along, keeping my eye on “the ball”, and so on. It’s just one more measure of the importance of the ubiquitous ball that it’s penetrated our linguistic defense to this extent. And that doesn’t even begin to account for the endless sports metaphors out there. Anyway, I promise to exercise maximum restraint…though I hope you’ll understand if I give into temptation now and then.

I’m launching this blog to keep up whoever might be reading on the latest news and buzz on my new book, The Ball, including latest reviews (or at least the good ones!), media appearances, events and readings, etc. If you’re hitting this blog and don’t know what the book’s about, you can read an overview here. If you’re ready to read it, you’ll need to wait until it’s released May 14th (May 20th in the UK), but in the meantime can pre-order it here. I’ll also be using this blog to share stories that interest me in the world of sports and beyond.

Please comment here, or contact me by email if you want. And thanks for reading!

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